The science of how communication technology shapes our social lives

About Us

West Virginia University began offering classes in 1867, and while there was no Department of Communication Studies at that time, communication courses such as oral communication and argumentation were offered. In 2013, the Department of Communication Studies continues to play a fundamental role in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences at West Virginia University.

We prepare our students to think critically and communicate effectively for the demands of the 21st century. Repeatedly, business reports and surveys of employers identify these skills as some of the most desirable skills individuals need to possess to be successful in their professional lives. Our undergraduate majors are able to design a program of study to best prepare themselves for their personal and professional goals, choosing one of five areas of emphasis: health communication, integrated communication, interpersonal communication, strategic and organizational communication, and social media and communication technology.

We also offer MA and PhD degrees in communication studies. Our doctoral program was recently recognized as one of the outstanding PhD programs in our discipline. Our on-campus MA degree is intended to qualify students to assume a variety of professional roles in educational, industrial, and government institutions; teach the subject matter at the college level; or undertake advanced training toward a doctorate in communication studies. Additionally, we offer MA programs in instructional communication (for teachers) and in corporate and organizational communication. These two programs are taught at numerous sites around the state of West Virginia.

We are fortunate to have an outstanding faculty. Many of our faculty have been recognized for their research, teaching, and service and are considered to be leading experts in their areas of emphasis. Communication Studies graduates have found success in many diverse fields. From marketing to human resources, from academics to business development and recruiting, public relations, event planning and non-profit management, WVU Communication Studies alumni have left their mark in small and large organizations across the state and the world. We are fortunate in that our alumni continue to be enthusiastic in their support of the department, through our student-alumni mentoring program and other activities.

While we could write about the accomplishments of our faculty, students, and alumni forever, we invite you to visit our webpage to learn more about our department. Here you will find faculty profiles, student and alumni spotlights, and detailed information about each of our degree programs. You will also learn about our dedication to our students as we continually seek to fulfill our mission.